Danae Alessi

Landscape Designer


Danae brings significant experience in working at the cutting edge of resiliency research. This research, combined with her skills in multiple design and fine art disciplines, gives Danae a flexible facility with both the conceptual and technical aspects of landscape design. Danae’s research for Structures for Coastal Resilience, a multi-university effort funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, particularly focused on communities surrounding Jamaica Bay, New York. The project, for which Danae worked as a Research Associate since its inception, investigated design initiatives to promote coastal resiliency along with strategies for climate change adaptation, supplementing the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Comprehensive Study of vulnerable communities along the North Atlantic coastline. In addition to her research in resiliency, Danae’s thesis focused on the potential for landscape architecture to bridge the gap between the active decay of the built environment through natural process reclamation in order to strengthen new connections within the cultural landscape.

Representative Projects

  • Fresh Creek Coastal Resiliency, Brooklyn, NY
  • St. Mary’s Park, Bronx, NY
  • Harlem River Park Greenway Link, New York, NY
  • East Harlem Resiliency Study, New York, NY
  • Georgia King Village, Newark, NJ
  • Hallett’s Point 7, Queens, NY
  • East 149th Street Development, Bronx, NY
  • 626 Flatbush Avenue Housing, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sag Harbor Cemetery, Sag Harbor, NY
  • EDC Stapleton Resiliency Study, Staten Island, NY
  • Shelter Island Residence, Shelter Island, NY
  • Story Avenue Apartments, Bronx, NY
  • Battery PlayScape, New York, NY
  • Park Avenue Co-op Reconstruction, New York, NY
  • Southwest Park, Hoboken, NJ
  • Compass Residences, Bronx, NY
  • Structures for Coastal Resilience, Jamaica Bay, NY*

* Work completed prior to joining Starr Whitehouse