The Battery Playspace

  • The Battery Playspace

New York City

The Battery’s ecological richness finds a unique expression in the Playspace, a new play area designed to promote ecological literacy in children. Moving off the premise that an early appreciation for ecological diversity fosters environmental consciousness in adulthood, each of the Playspace’s five zones is designed around a unique typology. These zones combine plantings, custom play structures, and programming to create an immersive play experience that teaches children about daily life in a briny a marshland, or the hardy plant communities of a rocky bluff. Interwoven with the ecological story is a second narrative: that of the realities of climate change, and the necessities of environmental stewardship in the twenty-first century. Impermeable paving visibly directs surface runoff to verdant rain gardens crisscrossed by food bridges, integrating environmental management practices into the very heart of the play experience.

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