St. Mary’s Park Master Plan

Bronx, NY

As part of NYC Park’s Anchor Parks Initiative, Starr Whitehouse has been retained to revitalize the largest park in the core of the densely-populated South Bronx—historic St. Mary’s Park. Leading a multidisciplinary team of designers, ecologists, architects, and affiliated professionals, Starr Whitehouse has developed a Master Plan that stresses a distinct identity, intuitive circulation, expanded cultural function, enhanced local ecology, and above all, a welcoming environment for community members of all ages to reaffirm social ties. Near-term interventions include reactivating the Park’s distinctive promenade as a social spine, clarifying circulation, improving access, and developing pilot ecological habitats to house training programs for future stewardship by the community. Initial phases are scheduled for construction starting in 2018.

On the Boards

In the Field