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In honor the CitiesAlive 2018 conference, of which Laura Starr will be the keynote speaker, is featuring the courtyard at VIA 57—Starr Whitehouse’s recent collaboration with BIG Architects on a new courtscraper on the Hudson.

Southwest Park, Starr Whitehouse’s resilient park in Hoboken, NJ, protected the city from flooding during its most intense rainfall in two years. Thanks to the park’s array of stormwater management infrastructure, including absorptive rain gardens, permeable pavers, and subsurface detention basins, the floodwaters in Hoboken receded immediately after the storm. Hoboken City officials reported that Southwest Park’s rainwater storage basins, which can retain up to 200,000 gallons of water, were filled to capacity and were successfully drained into the Hudson River. In their words: “Without the…rainwater storage at Southwest Park, Hoboken could have experienced significantly worse flooding conditions, which could have lasted much longer.” Read the press release here.

In an interview with Madame Architect’s Julia Gamolina, Laura talks about her work and what she loves most about it, advising young architects to talk to everyone they can and to go for what they want.

In their exhibition “Ride A Bike! Reclaim the City,” the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany showcases outstanding examples of urban space that expertly integrate urban planning, landscape architecture, and transportation planning. Featuring projects in cities around the world that incorporate bicycle lanes into the urban fabric, the exhibit advocates a gentle “reconquest” of the city. Three of Starr Whitehouse’s projects– the Battery Bikeway, the BIG U, and the Randall’s Island Hell Gate Pathway and Connector– were featured as exemplary illustrations of landscape architecture and planning in New York City. Read an overview of the exhibition here.

Stephen Whitehouse discusses the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of employing landscape design interns in June 2018’s issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

The Architect’s Newspaper discusses Starr Whitehouse’s work on the Harlem Greenway Link, a feasibility study to bridge the final gap in the Manhattan Greenway, bringing amenities and flood protection to the nearby East Harlem neighborhood. The project has also received coverage in Curbed.

Landscape Architecture Magazine quotes Stephen Whitehouse in a detailed narrative of Randall’s Island past and present. Read the full article in the August 2017 print edition of LAM.

Fixr names Stephen Whitehouse to the top 100 influencers of Landscape Architecture in 2017.

Laura Starr is quoted on developmental and environmental challenges in Lower Manhattan by Dan F. Stapleton in the Australian Financial Review.

The NYPD 40th Precinct Station House has won the Public Design Commission’s Excellence in Design Award. Designed by BIG Architects with landscapes by Starr Whitehouse, the Station House promotes the Mayor’s “commitment to providing quality, equitable, and resilient public spaces to all New Yorkers.” With a palette inspired by local Bronx ecology, the landscape and roof garden integrate the building into the city fabric while providing storm water detention, ensuring security, and restoring habitat.